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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) can be simply understood as a convenient tool to acquire information. You can see the information through client-end browse mode (or called RSS Reader, such as FeedDemon, SharpReader, NewzCrawler) or on-line RSS without the trouble of visiting various websites that provide the information. The premise to successfully acquire information via RSS is to install a RSS Reader. Then add the website that provides RSS to the RSS Reader's channel. When you read with RSS, a project description is generally a brief introduction of a piece of news and these projects can be linked to the full content of the news. It is beneficial for customers to find the update of the website if RSS is offered by the website.

What are the features of RSS?
  • 1. No advertisement or picture to affect the reading of title or summary of articles.
  • 2. RSS Reader can automatically update the information of websites you add to the reader and keep the timeliness of news.
  • 3. A customer can add several websites' RSS to the reader, gather news from various sources and integrate into one data stream.
RSS Feed

If you would like to subscribe our RSS, please copy and paste the following link to your RSS Reader.
You can also click the above link to view the updated information (browser IE6.0 or lower version may not show the website in a normal way. If it doesn't work, please update your browser to version 7.0 or above)

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