The Differences Between the Zero Rate, Tax Exemption, and Tax-free of VAT

When taxpayers issue the VAT common invoices, how to correctly choose the right rate for the zero rate, tax exemption and tax–free of VAT? Please see below explanation. 1. ZERO VAT RATE Zero rate is one of the legal rates of VAT. When taxpayers sell the goods or provide the services or transfer of intangible […]

New Notice on Work Permit Extension for Foreign Employees

According to the Notice newly announced by China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, from February 28, 2018 onwards, application for work permit extension must be submitted at least 30 days before its expiration. Once the regulated date is missed, applicants will be denied of their work permit extension and they have to apply for […]

Lee & Lee Associates Participated in Worldwide Conference of Leading Local Professional Services Firms in Australia

A representative from Lee & Lee Associates attended the Alliott Group 2017 Worldwide Conference in Sydney. Membership of Alliott Group and participation in the international association’s conferences form an integral part of our firm’s international strategy to ensure our clients have access to the services of other like-minded professional firms across the world’s major commercial […]

A Kind Reminder: Don’t Miss the Deadline of “Five Certificates in One” Registration

“Five Certificates in One, One Certificate One Code” registration policy has been fully implemented in Beijing. The reform of the registration policy relates to all kinds of enterprises within the whole city, farmer cooperatives and representative offices of foreign enterprises (including the branches of above-mentioned types). For enterprises that have renewed business licenses with the […]

Good News for Beijing Housing Fund Withdrawal

Since September 1, 2017, withdrawal of housing fund in Beijing becomes easier according to a new regulation. Here below we summarized the key points: 1. Either of a couple can withdraw housing fund regardless the name sequence in the housing purchase contract or property certificate. 2. After an employee leaves Beijing, it is encouraged to […]