Changes in Foreigners’ Work Permit in China

Since 1 April 2017, China shall implement a new work permit rule for foreigners in China by issuing “Notification of Work Permit for Foreigners” and “Work Permit Certificate for Foreigners” instead of “Work Permit for Foreign Experts” and “Work Permit for Foreigners” or other relevent certificates. The old Permits issued before within valid period continue […]

Permanent Establishment and Taxes in China

When foreign companies provide services in China, there is a big concern for them: whether they need to pay taxes in China, how much taxes they need to pay and how to pay it. In practice, there are many different situations for foreign companies doing business in China. Different situations may involve in different tax […]

2017 Handicapped Fund New Policies in Beijing

1. The time for filing and payment is changed to the period from 1 November to 15 December. 2. The handicapped fund can be exempted for those companies established within 3 years and with not more than 30 employees. 3. The base shall be the lesser of the company’s average annual salary and the 3 […]

Corporate Income Tax Annual Filling’s Online Correction

Beijing State Tax Authority has launched the online correction function of corporate income tax annual filling. Eligible tax payers can correct the corporate income tax annual filling of 2016 on the website before December 31st, 2017. However, the online corrected tax amount has to be larger than the original one; otherwise, the tax payers still […]

Common Reporting Standard – Relating to Your Overseas Assets Disclosure

A new report on the Common Reporting Standard was published by Alliott Group on 15 March 2017. The report targets at helping expatriates (and high net worth individuals with assets abroad) to better manage the risks associated with the Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”). Alliott Group is a leading international alliance of professional services firms, of which Lee […]