When shall I pay BT?

The Business Tax assessable period could be five days, ten days, fifteen days or one month. The actual assessable period of taxpayers shall be determined by the responsible tax authorities. If BT cannot be assessed in fixed periods, it could be assessed on a transaction-by-transaction basis. Where a taxpayer uses one month as an assessable […]

Are there any exemptions of BT that I may enjoy?

Yes. If you conduct following activities, there would be no BT. a) Nursing services provided by nurseries, kindergartens, old people’s homes, welfare institutions for the handicapped, matchmaking and funeral services; b) Services provided individually by the disabled to the public; c) Medical services provided by hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions; d) Educational services provided […]

What if I engage in the activities subject to both BT and VAT?

A taxpayer engaging in both BT taxable activities and sales of goods subject to VAT should separately accounts for both types of activities and sales. If the taxpayer failed to do so, all services and sales are subject to VAT instead of BT.